Message from Emergency Department, Royal Derby Hospital

To make sure we are best prepared to manage the increase in patients we expect to see for Coronavirus and to assist with social distancing, we have temporarily made some changes to the way patients are seen at Royal Derby Hospital Adult Emergency Department.

The process for attending our Emergency Department at Royal Derby Hospital will change from 9am on 31 March 2020. All patients must first go to the Adult Emergency Department Receiving Unit,

You will not be seen in the Emergency Department until you have first attended the Receiving Unit. This does not apply for children attending Children’s Emergency Department.

The Receiving Unit will allow us to triage patients into the correct area in one of the three separate Emergency Departments to ensure all patients receive the specialist care they need.

This includes a Minor Injuries Unit which is open from 7am until Midnight and two Emergency Departments which are open 24 hours a day.

Before attending our Emergency Department please think – is it an emergency? Emergency departments should only be used in an emergency or life-threatening situation. If you don’t need emergency care, please consider one of the alternatives: In an emergency.

Please note, we currently have restrictions on visitors, so where possible only the patient should attend, unless the patient requires support under the Mental Capacity Act, assistance with communication or other essential support.