Communication Unlimited have a contract with Derbyshire County Council where we can support Deaf and hard of hearing residents of Derbyshire County Council.  Unfortunately this will not include people who pay their council tax to Derby City Council.

Deaf people can use the Sign Language Interpreter for anything at home to enable ‘personal independence’.

This could include making telephone calls, sorting out paperwork at home, attending community groups with the interpreter, get a quote for some work in your home among many things you can do with an interpreter.

One example of this is if a person has correspondence piling up and needs letters and forms translated in order to be able to complete them and reply accurately. It maybe that phone calls need to be made to arrange appointments or if you need to attend and access weekly puppy training sessions. Some Deaf people attend slimming world and access their provision. It could be attending school events, parents evenings, school plays and sports days. It covers a wide range of needs.

If you are unsure about whether or not it is possible, please contact Communication Unlimited and we can advise.

This will not cover health bookings as this will come under a different contract.