Deaf patients may have difficulty securing an appointment with their GP through the telephone booking system, verbal prompts when their doctor is ready to see them and communicating effectively during a consultation.

This can sometimes mean that deaf patients do not have a clear understanding of their diagnosis and treatment and do not understand how to use the follow-up Choose and Book appointment system or ensure interpreters are booked for hospital appointments or community Health appointments.   We at Communication Unlimited can do that for you and the cost is covered by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Communication Unlimited will also order repeat prescriptions by telephone on behalf of patients and let the patient know when they are ready to collect.

During a time when Deaf patients are very ill and have multiple hospital appointments, multiple letters, dates and times, Communication Unlimited can help. We will collate all of the information into one format going through each appointment ensuring that interpreters are booked for each date and clarifying each location, giving the patient peace of mind and supported with reassurances.

Also if you have any frustrations with accessing medical care or booking appointments, please speak to us, Communication Unlimited will support you and contact them on your behalf. Even if you only need an appointment without an interpreter present, we will try our best to assist you.