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We have various contracts and work with many places such as the hospitals, the GP surgeries, the dentists and so forth. For NHS appointments Sign Language Interpreters are provided and they are all free, you do not pay for that.…

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Communication Unlimited is available out of hours and staff in the Accident and Emergency departments of all Derbyshire hospitals can contact us for support. If you or the Deaf patient are in hospital without access to a BSL interpreter,  please…

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Communication Unlimited understands that it is an emotional overwhelming experience when someone has passed away, we will provide a sign language interpreter free of charge for funerals and cremations in Derbyshire. It is a service we offer as part of…

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Deaf Awareness

If you or your employees have contact with customers, clients or colleagues who are deaf or have a hearing loss, deaf awareness training can help to break down barriers. Communication Unlimited offers cost effective, bespoke Deaf Awareness training for companies…

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Personal Budgets

For Derby City residents, not Derbyshire County, who may want an interpreter for hobbies or for example to access puppy training sessions,(things which are available in the county but do not have interpreters as standard in the city) maybe eligible…

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GP’s Extra Support

Deaf patients may have difficulty securing an appointment with their GP through the telephone booking system, verbal prompts when their doctor is ready to see them and communicating effectively during a consultation. This can sometimes mean that deaf patients do…


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