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We offer fully-qualified, professional British Sign Language interpreters to ensure that deaf and deafblind people can communicate effectively with users of English, and vice versa.

A registered charity, Communication Unlimited is based in Derby, which means we are well positioned to work throughout Derby and Derbyshire.

Put simply, our experienced interpreters listen to the spoken English and interpret it into British Sign Language, then watch the sign language before translating it into spoken English.

We pride ourselves on delivering a specialist service, helping clients choose the right service or interpreter for them.

Whether you are a deaf person who requires BSL support for a one-off appointment, or a health professional or business who needs on-going interpreting support, our team can help.

We also are able to advise you to improve your services with the Deaf community or your Employees.

We have a very active Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BSLcommunicationunlimited

Examples of our services:

Our interpreters are available to support deaf people at any time. Here are just some examples of the areas where we provide support:

• Health Appointments: GP, dentist, hospital, health visitor appointments, optician, podiatrist etc
• Education: Parents’ evenings, school plays, sports day
• Employment: job interviews, staff and client meetings etc
• Community: accessing groups, attending classes, buying a new car, vet appointments etc
• Council Services: housing, social services, welfare benefits, safeguarding, council appointments and meetings
• Conferences, Seminars or Workshops
• Work: Staff meetings, Training days, 1:1 supervision / appraisals
• Weddings, funerals,
• Legal: solicitor appointments, will writing,

We can do more ...call us and enquire

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